25 Years! Let the Celebration Begin!

25 YearsOn October 1, 2015 The Summit Fellowships will be 25 years old. It hardly seems possible that the network of simple churches will have been around for a quarter century. I’ll be reflecting more about the journey, but I just had to say something as we look forward the The Vine and 25 Year Celebration the first weekend of October. 

Praise God from whom all blessings flow! 

New Opportunity for Service

Just added to the Opportunities tab: 

Visit the “Opportunities” tab above and click “Opportunities for Service” to learn about Catalyst Partnerships. This is a local organization that organizes crews to help under-resourced people with property needs. This would be an ideal opportunity for a Summit Fellowship to work together or to give financially to local needs. Check it out. 

Great House Church Resource

The link to this series called The Jesus Lens, by our good friend Wayne Jacobsen at Lifestream, has been included in the House Church 101 section of this site under “Now, What Do We Do?” There, you can read  about this and other suggestions for things that groups can do when they meet.

Below is one of the 24-part series of The Jesus Lens. It is included for two reasons.  Continue reading Great House Church Resource

Building community in Jesus

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