November 2nd: The Vine

Vine Logo3Coming up, the next Vine. Another ArtVine this week on Sunday afternoon at 3PM at Worldview Center. Are you coming? Let us know. These gatherings are for members of a Summit Fellowship or for people who are interested in what are called simple churches, organic churches, house churches, etc. If you’d like to come and meet folks doing church simply, consider yourself invited. Hope to see you there.supper photo

If you’re one of the “Summiteers” (regular part of one of the fellowships) remember this is a potluck. If you can bring something, let us know! We’ll starve….(like that’s ever happened!)


artist photoIf you have some art you’d like to display, bring it! If you want to perform in some way (music, recitation or like that) let us know so we can plan enough time.



Better Results than Jesus?

seeds photo
Photo by Nomadic Lass

No matter how well you cast the seed of the gospel, there will be four types of responses. Though other responses initially look promising, only one type of soil is good and bears fruit. If we expect better results than Jesus, we are deluding ourselves. We must be prepared for both fruitful and non-fruitful responses. That is normal.

~ T4T: A Discipleship Re-Revolution (Steve Smith and with Ying Kai)

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