Southside Community Cupboard

20150118_1302381The Southside Summit Fellowship has been reaching out in the neighborhood with their community cupboard that offers books, food and other resources for members of the community. 20150118_1303011

Now, that’s COOL! 


Hearts Not Forgotten

SheaPersecuted ChurchShae, from the Lifesong Fellowship in Brush Prairie has begun a blog focusing on the needs of persecuted brethren around the world. Drop by and consider some of Shae’s thoughts about the persecuted church. Her blog is listed in to the left among the members of the Summit network, or you can click the link that follows.


Waking Up, Sleepy Churches

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[Part of a series].

I realize it’s been quite awhile since I continued my comments on my trip to Chicago (December 17th). Well, there were the holidays, and then we had a death in the family. Those are my  my reasons.

To Him Who Has a Hammer

You may recall, my last post in this series was called, “Is That So Bad.” If you haven’t read that post and the two others, this may be a good time. At the end of that post I said I’d be addressing the issue of waking up sleepy churches. Why that?

While at the Chicago mini-conference I had commented to the group and its enthusiastic hosts that I thought the churches in the Summit network seemed sleepy to me; that we needed to get energized. Some of our groups, particularly the ones that have been going for many years, were comfortable with themselves. That’s a common condition in house churches but it’s not necessarily fatal.

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Building community in Jesus

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