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House Churches - All NationsOur friends over at Luke 10 sent a link to another friend, All Nations and I wanted to share it with y’all. It describes simple churches (house churches) pretty well.

A few of the Summiteers got a chance to meet Floyd McClung (formerly of YWAM) a few years back when we hosted he and a group of folks over at the Mayhew’s.

Incidentally, All Nations is the ministry through which one of our other partners, Father Heart Japan, is working in Okinawa.

There will be a link to All Nations at the “Opportunities” tab on the toolbar because if anyone is interested in church planting overseas, All Nations will be an ideal partner since their primary methodology for sharing the gospel is small-group (house church) discipleship.

Here is the clip: Continue reading House Churches Worldwide

An Accidental Podcast

Recently, the Summit Fellowships gathered for their semi-regular get together we call The Vine. This time, the event was unique in that we were also celebrating 25 years as a community of simple churches. I was privileged to be able to share with the fellowships some things that I had been thinking about relative to the Holy Spirit. Unfortunately, I completely forgot to bring a recording device to save the message. That being the case, I produced this podcast to make up for my forgetfulness. Here is is:

Church Too Big? Multiply!

Serving the Lord’s Table to one another.

After nearly year of expectation, Gathering 242 finally came to the day we’ve been anticipating (dreading?) We have to multiply.


If everyone shows up on the same night the group would have about 25 regular members. We call that a “church growth problem.” We
are too big. In the old days, we may have started talking about getting a building so we could bring in more people. That’s not the way The Summit Fellowships do things. When a group gets too big for the house it’s meeting in, the group will multiply and branch out into a new neighborhood, making room for more people in two places. That’s what is happening to G242 beginning on September 12, 2015. A new fellowship will be putting down roots in the Roseway neighborhood in Portland, at the Mayhew’s house.

So, how did it go on our last night? Here’s what we did: Continue reading Church Too Big? Multiply!

Building community in Jesus

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