[18 ] Interview: Travis Kolder, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

An interview with Travis Kolder of the Cedar Rapids House Church Network. Travis tells the story of making the transition from a traditional church to house churches. He talks about the challenges of making room for ministering gifts in this new paradigm.  In this episode: 


[17] Body Life Acronyms: ARMS

Second in the series, Body Life Acronyms. This podcast is about ARMS: Authentically Related Missional Servants. The importance of seeking to be real with one another and to serve together. Incidentally, engaging in servant activities together as a church is the way of going beyond community and becoming “communitas.” Mentioned in this episode:

[16 ] Interview: Dan Beaty, Columbus, Ohio

An interview with Dan Beaty of Columbus, Ohio. Dan is an experienced “house churcher” who is now a part of a more traditionally structured church. He is one of the moderators of the House Church Discussion List Facebook page. Mentioned in this episode:

House Church Discussion List (HCDL)
Dr. George Patterson
David Anderson

Building community in Jesus

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