Things Often Get Smaller

From an interview in Christianity Today with Mark Sayers of the Red Church in Australia:

Eventually, renewal cells become remnants, hardening in solidity and power as cultural Christianity melts away. The remnant becomes a hot center of renewal, a container emptied of agendas and flesh, with space for God’s renewing spirit to move.

Out of such remnants, renewals burst. Cultural Christianity may melt away, things often have to get smaller before they can again get big. Under the winter soil, the sprouts of spring are ready to break through the surface. Are we ready?

Preparing for House Church

Moving from traditional church to house church can sometimes be a challenge. In this episode Dan reflects on some of the things that The Summit Fellowships are exploring to make that transition easier. He also describes some new things the network is trying to help members prepare for new things on the house church journey.

In this episode

Building community in Jesus

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