What COVID Taught Us About Church

The quarantine experience may very well have left a surprising legacy of church life. Maybe this lockdown was an incubator for new churches—vine churches—that are small, agile, and significantly, everywhere. Maybe online meetings can be seeds for new communities.

House Churches and Money

We’re called to be generous, so how does giving work in churches of the heart? As a humanitarian crisis emerges in Europe, house churches tackle the call to generosity and caring.

A Glimpse of a Church of the Heart

1st Thursday

Today’s episode is a recording of a regular online gathering of house churches called “1st Thursday.” It is a glimpse of how a church of the heart looks in real time.

The presenters are Benjamin and Heid Sadler of the Restoration Summit Fellowship. The Sadlers are also the lead musicians in a band called Chasing Ebenezer.

Building community in Jesus

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