[29] Practically Loving and Community Formation

A follow-up to an earlier episode. Dan moves  to the other side of the mic and interviews Portland pastor and church planter, Cory Doiron of Suportland Church.

Cory describes his journey to planting house churches in Portland, OR after being part of a growing church in Rapid City, SD. The discussion eventually centers on formation and growth in relational, and diverse community.

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[27] About the Summit Fellowships (an Interview)

A bit of a role reversal in this episode as Dan is interviewed by local church planter, Cory Doiron. In this program, Cory and Dan talk about commitment and church covenants. In the conversation, Dan talks about The Summit Fellowships and some of the experiences that the churches in the network have had regarding membership and commitment. There is a related audio recording in the resource section of summithome dot org which is a broadcast discussion about the meaning of church membership. Here is the link to that audio.

Sonship Study Training Scheduled

You have heard about Sonship Studies, but aren’t sure what they are and how they work? Interested in hosting one of your own? Jody is holding a training for Sonship. Get in touch with her at the address below if you want the details.

Sonship Training Announced

Building community in Jesus

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