A Rumble in the Distance

welcome photoI’ve been watching with interest the developments around same-sex marriage. I believe there are implications for the church as the majority of Americans know and practice it. The financial realities of doing location-based church may become very difficult in the days ahead.

Consider this: if our friends and neighbors were to find themselves unable to “go to church” as they always have, would they know how to find a community of faith without it? Would they know how to practice the life of the church without a building and paid staff?

Now, consider this: Are you ready to host your friends in your home? Are you willing to teach others how to be what I call “a church of the heart?” In other words, are you ready to invite others into a simple church, a “summit” fellowship?

As the landscape of American Christianity starts to shift, we need to be prepared to share what we have learned in our simple church experience. “…Who knows whether you have not come to the kingdom for such a time as this? (Esther 4:14)”

I won’t go into detail now, but might I suggest you take a look at the Time magazine piece at this link. You may find it interesting.

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