A Summiteer Starts a Fundraising Effort

Feet for FreedomSarah, from the Gathering 242 Summit Fellowship, came up with a creative way to celebrate her birthday: Raise money to fight sex trafficking in our city. She dreamed up “Feet for Freedom” to assist a local safe house for adult victims of the sex trade and sex slavery. While there are safe houses for juvenile victims, there have been none for adults. The project, called The House of Engedi, is the only one so far.

A fundraising walk over the length of 82nd Ave. will be on July 4, 2014 — not coincidentally, “freedom day.” May the walk and the efforts of The House of Engedi and similar programs, bring freedom and independence to people who are victimized by this scourge.  If you would like more information, or you want to contribute to Sarah’s birthday cause, click on the Feet for Freedom logo above.

PS-Tim, another guy from Gathering 242 designed the Feet for Freedom website.

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