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The Summit Fellowships are a community of simple churches that began in October of 1990. Each congregation is functionally autonomous while choosing to be in an interdependent relationship with the other congregations. As such, the “summits,” as we’ve come to call them, aren’t controlled by a central organization. The relationship among the churches is more a partnership or association.

The Summit Fellowships came into existence to provide infrastructure so that small, simple fellowships can function more easily in the context of structured, typically larger, churches. Moreover, the ecclesiastical landscape looks quite different than the simple relationships that characterize the average “house church.” The Summit Fellowships, Inc. makes it possible for simple churches to coexist in the world of the more traditional church.

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  1. Hello I was curious if you have any zoom bible study groups I really like the simple churches better alternative here’s my other email ericamonite@gmail.com incase it bounces back blessings

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