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69th St. doesn't meet on 69th St. It used to ... twice. First, it met on 69th in Portland, then on 69th in Vancouver. When the host family moved they didn't bother to change the name. This is a group of about 12 with some small children, older folks and singles. The group meets between two homes in East Clark County (neither on 69th).

69th Street: Scattered

We’ve been a bit scattered lately. That happens with house churches. Sometimes responsibilities take us to other places and we have to wait to be back together. Most recently, our sister, Ann, headed off to Israel for two years — if that’s not scattering we don’t know what is! Elliot is in Europe on adventure with his school. Wow. And the rest is just stuff. Kathleen has been working with clients.

Today, we’re scattered because folks are going to be with family for Mother’s Day. Next week is The Vine. Who knows when we’ll have a normal day together. Actually, who knows what’s normal anyway!

Time for Transparency

The 69th Street Summit had a great time of transparent sharing this evening. Without going into detail a couple of our members are facing some challenging circumstances and we had the opportunity to pray for each of them and encourage one another. We are looking forward to one of out members going on a mission trip to Nicaragua in the next couple of weeks, this following a journey that another sister took to Rwanda. This has been an exciting year!