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Koinonia meets in East Clark County in what is called Brush Prairie. They are a group of seekers who often grapple with the tough issues of faith and faithfulness.


Koinonia (a.k.a. The Church of the Angry Doubters) slaugh-tered our pigs last weekend. One family has been raising them; the rest of us have been providing food, buying feed and keeping buckets of table scraps which we hand off to the swineherds each week. Our goals are to become more self-sufficient, and to become more honest carnivores, taking responsibility for the hard parts of being meat-eaters as well as the fun parts.

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Koinonia Report

thinking photo
Photo by wadem

We’re on a voyage of discovery with some friends of ours who are doing some serious rethinking of their spirituality. We’ve gotten together a couple of times now, four families, for supper and the evening. So far we’ve mainly just been getting to know each other: While each of the two families we invited knows the two host families, neither knew each other before a couple of weeks ago. We’ve also spent some time discussing (around five active small children!) what we’re hoping for from the group. What has emerged is that we want:

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