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Summiteer is the pseudonym for posts that are general to the summithome web page.

New Years Revolution

Hey, Summiteers!

I want to invite you to start making yourself known here at If you have a blog or a personal web site I’d like to link to you in the “Members” in the sidebar. Also, if you have a story to tell of life in the church, I’d love to have you post it here. I’m limiting this to active participants in the local network (at least for now), so let me know if you want to add posts. I’ll set up an account for you.


Looking Forward

It doesn’t seem possible that 2011 is already drawing to a close. Where did twelve months go? Well, no use trying to find them. They are behind us. So, what lies ahead? As we approach  the celebration of the new year, look for some regular “all network” gatherings, times for celebration, prayer and seeking the Father’s direction. These will be for the Summit Fellowships and other networks and communities with whom we partner. Second Tuesdays will be set aside for gatherings of what might be called “deacons” and “elders,” namely servant leaders from each of the fellowships (if you translate in your mind those terms to mean “masters” and “commanders” I will come and haunt you in your dreams! 🙂  ). Also, every month or so, we’ll schedule a celebration called “The Vine.” ** The purpose will be for fellowship, celebration, prayer, refreshing of kingdom vision and to encourage followers to step into their calling. Check the calendar for dates and times. 

** Why, “The Vine?” Because a vine is something that is rooted but growing and moving. A strawberry plant, although not technically a vine, illustrates the idea. The mother plant sends out a runner that puts down roots in a new location and another plant is established. The goal of The Vine is to encourage such extensions of the kingdom.