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An Accidental Podcast

Recently, the Summit Fellowships gathered for their semi-regular get together we call The Vine. This time, the event was unique in that we were also celebrating 25 years as a community of simple churches. I was privileged to be able to share with the fellowships some things that I had been thinking about relative to the Holy Spirit. Unfortunately, I completely forgot to bring a recording device to save the message. That being the case, I produced this podcast to make up for my forgetfulness. Here is is:

The Vine: Jan. 26, 2014 – Report


Vine Logo3The network of The Summit Fellowships gathered at Worldview Center in Portland for a periodic gathering called The Vine. People from all of the fellowships in the network came together for a time of feasting, fellowship, fun with the kids, music and teaching. Below is the link to the teaching from Colossians. 


Expediti and Communitas (Colossians 4) – Dan Mayhew