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Time for Transparency

The 69th Street Summit had a great time of transparent sharing this evening. Without going into detail a couple of our members are facing some challenging circumstances and we had the opportunity to pray for each of them and encourage one another. We are looking forward to one of out members going on a mission trip to Nicaragua in the next couple of weeks, this following a journey that another sister took to Rwanda. This has been an exciting year!


Prayer Chain

A few times recently there have been serious prayer concerns that did not get circulated among the fellowships so we could be praying together. Angela Morris (Southside Samaritan House) saw the need and volunteered to be the clearing house for prayer requests. Need Prayer? Know somebody that we should be praying for? Email Angela. She will see to it that the Summit Fellowships know about the need.

Gathering 242

I have been delighted to see the Lord’s hand at work in the Summit we call Gathering 242.

First, the name. It references Acts 2:42 where it says that the church gathered for the apostles teaching, fellowship, prayer and the breaking of bread. That’s what the group anticipates when they gather.

G242 started out as a support ministry for a Saturday night “service” at a conventional church in Vancouver. The idea was the the service would introduce people to more organic Kingdom expressions and those that wanted to get a better idea of what it would be like to do church in a simpler way could come to G242 for a bit of experience before planting a fellowship elsewhere. As it turned out, my goal of creating some healthy synergy between that conventional church and the Saturday night service was to go unrealized. I got canned.

That left us with this group: Gathering 242. We had started “gelling” and didn’t want to lose track of each other, so we just moved the group down to my place and became a “Summit Fellowship.”

Since then, we have increased in numbers, but most importantly, we have begun to experience the Holy Spirit teaching and encouraging us as a family. There are older adults and — praise the Lord!–we have a new baby in our midst. It’s been a blessing to see the Lord take an accidental home church and draw it closer to Him…kinda like a family. Cool!