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Pray for Persecuted Christians.

It is the case that Christians are now the most persecuted religion around the world, We should stand up against persecution of Christians and other faith groups wherever and whenever we can.

Prime Minister, David Cameron

I recently read this prayer, written by Open Door, a mission and watchdog group for the persecuted church. As buildings designated for Christian worship become targets, it is not unlikely that congregations will be forced underground out of necessity. Pray that these involuntary house churches will flourish in the shadow of intense persecution.

nigerian churchesFather, we thank You for the persevering faith of these Christians in Nigeria and Sudan. We pray for those who mourn the loss of loved ones, that You would bring comfort to their grieving souls. We pray for congregations whose church buildings are no more. In this season of rain, we pray for places of shelter in which to worship. We pray for protection from violence and for wisdom for church leaders as they shepherd the people in responding in ways that honor You. Where Satan would use these circumstances to destroy Christ’s church, we pray boldly that You will not only protect Your church, but that You will even cause the church to grow and flourish in the midst of persecution. And during this month of Ramadan, as the Muslim world watches on, whether they are sympathetic neighbors or extremists, we pray that they will see You and turn their hearts from spiritual darkness to the light of the gospel of Christ. In the name of Jesus, who is gathering His church from all nations and peoples, Amen.

82nd Avenue Prayer Walk

Well, they did it! On Independence Day, members of Gathering 242 Summit Fellowship walked and prayed the full length of Northeast 82nd Avenue in Portland, one of the most active streets for the sex trade in the Northwest.

Feet for Freedom

The reason was because Sarah, one of the members or G242, decided that the best way to celebrate her birthday was to give to somebody else. She chose the victims of sex-trafficking because there was no safe place for the adult victims to go to make their escape. So far she has raised about half of her goal of $3500.00 by walking to help The House of Engedi* prepare to receive refugees from the mean streets of Portland.

Do you want to help? Here is a link to her fund raising page.

* The House of Engedi web site features a video explanation of the mission of the house.

A Summiteer Starts a Fundraising Effort

Feet for FreedomSarah, from the Gathering 242 Summit Fellowship, came up with a creative way to celebrate her birthday: Raise money to fight sex trafficking in our city. She dreamed up “Feet for Freedom” to assist a local safe house for adult victims of the sex trade and sex slavery. While there are safe houses for juvenile victims, there have been none for adults. The project, called The House of Engedi, is the only one so far.

A fundraising walk over the length of 82nd Ave. will be on July 4, 2014 — not coincidentally, “freedom day.” May the walk and the efforts of The House of Engedi and similar programs, bring freedom and independence to people who are victimized by this scourge.  If you would like more information, or you want to contribute to Sarah’s birthday cause, click on the Feet for Freedom logo above.

PS-Tim, another guy from Gathering 242 designed the Feet for Freedom website.