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A creative guide for all ages to learn God’s word together.

Micheal Harris returns to discuss the Parables curriculum and it’s use in small-group church communities. At last there is an answer for the question asked by so many who meet in small, relational expressions of the church:

So, what do you do with the kids?

The answer to the question is found IN the question, namely “WITH the kids.” Parables curriculum is an incredible wealth of activities that parents, and other adults can do “with the kids.” The result is hilarious fun and marvelous opportunity for learning from God’s word.

Parables is available from Micheal. Cost? Let’s just say, nothing is expected, but anything is appreciated. If you want to appreciate Parables with a gift, click “Donate” on this page and designate a gift.

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Visiting Emmaus Fellowship

Recently, I’ve gotten to know another simple church in the Portland area. Formerly a more traditional fellowship, Emmaus has decided to downsize to a house church in a local apartment complex with plans to multiply into a network similar to The Summit Fellowships.

The day I visited, there were a number of the regulars who were either called into work or were sick. 20+ people would have been there if all had been able to show up at the same time, including as many as 17 kids! Not surprisingly, Emmaus has become skilled in involving the young ones. Below are some pictures of the activities the fellowship had prepared for the children, including a short video from the Bible Project (see the “Learning as a Group” link at right. Also, there was a demonstration worthy of a science class, working together on an ongoing prayer journal, and finally a celebration with bubbles.

Michelle, Bethany and Faith offered to make their projects and lesson plans available to other simple churches that are looking for some creative things to do with the kids.



Sonship Study for Kids

Sonship for KidsIt’s one of the common questions we house-churchers get asked: So whadaya do with the kids? 

It’s a great question with no easy answers. All kids are different. All families are different. All house churches are different.

We’re going to try to post suggestions and ideas for the kids here on the Summithome site (there’s a link on right sidebar).

69th Street Project

Right now, the folks at the 69th Street Summit Fellowship are working on adapting the Sonship Study approach to kids.

Sonship, as you may know, is an approach to getting together that encourages everyone to “listen” to the direction of the Spirit through the scriptures (a link is on the menu above). It is not a curriculum, per se. It is a template to give direction for listening to the Spirit and to help disciples to step into their proper relationship as sons and daughters of the Lord.

69th Street is hoping to be able to make what they are learning available to other fellowships after they have have gone through it themselves. One thing, though. Sonship by its nature, is to be passed on relationally. It isn’t dispensed like Sunday school materials. That means if fellowships are to use it, the adults should have used the Sonship Study in their gatherings.