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Church 101 Course

I have been meaning to let y’all know that a few of us among the Summit Fellowships have been exploring a course called Church 101 that is prepared and presented by a friend of mine in Denver. I have known John White for many years and recently did an interview with him for the the Church of the Heart Podcast.

As a network of fellowships, I have been wondering if we are being intentional enough about equipping people to do church more simply. What if more people come to us asking for advice and encouragement in creating simple churches?

So, a group of six of us from three different Summits have been taking the course–sort of a beta test–to see if it might be helpful to recommend to people who are interested in house churches. It involves a lot of video learning, personal interaction and even online video conferences. So far the response among our intrepid little team has been positive. I’ll try to keep you posted about our progress. Eventually, I may even interview some of the beta team to share our experiences.

Stay tuned!


The Jesus Circle

The Summit Fellowships occasionally do something called The Jesus Circle. It’s a story-telling activity where we practice telling the story of Jesus as though we were sitting around the campfire remembering a friend or an event. In this episode Dan talks about how we do this when a fellowship gathers. A written description of the Jesus Circle is also available at the resources menu of the website. We’d love to hear about your experiences with the Jesus Circle. Let us know!

Making Room for Emotions in the Church

"The number one self-medication in the US today for discomfort around emotions is religion." 

Marc Schelske

So says Marc Schelske,  pastor and author of The Wisdom of Your Heart — Discovering the God-Given Purpose and Power of Your Emotions. In this interview, Marc explains the value of our emotions when we discover that God is able to use them to bring us to maturity and to understand His will. The concept of ‘useful emotions’ is valuable for small-group church life where emotions are not easily hidden or avoided. Those who have been in relational church settings know the awkward silences and the squirming in place when things get “emotional.” This spirited discussion encourages small-group fellowships to loosen up and listen to the wisdom of your heart.

This podcast is a part of a longer interview. In the other half, Marc talks about his publishing experience. If you are interested in self-publishing and marketing, look for that discussion at our sister podcast,  Read Between the Worlds . 

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