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Chasing Ebenezer Releases New Single

Ben and Heidi Sadler from Restoration Summit Fellowship have released a single from their band “Chasing Ebenezer.” The song confronts the sex trafficking industry. Congratulations, Sadlers and CE. May this song have a profound effect.

The Vine: Jan. 26, 2014 – Report


Vine Logo3The network of The Summit Fellowships gathered at Worldview Center in Portland for a periodic gathering called The Vine. People from all of the fellowships in the network came together for a time of feasting, fellowship, fun with the kids, music and teaching. Below is the link to the teaching from Colossians. 


Expediti and Communitas (Colossians 4) – Dan Mayhew

Chasing Ebenezer

Ben & Heidi Sadler (Restoration and G242 Summit Fellowships) are a musical part of the Summit network. Recently, they put up a web site devoted to worship and music called Chasing Ebenezer. Drop by and see what there up to!