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Preparing for House Church

Moving from traditional church to house church can sometimes be a challenge. In this episode Dan reflects on some of the things that The Summit Fellowships are exploring to make that transition easier. He also describes some new things the network is trying to help members prepare for new things on the house church journey.

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Hierarchy Or Heirarchy?

Some thoughts about leadership in the house church. Who’s the boss, anyhow?  Should there be somebody ruling with an iron fist? Will things descend into chaos if a small-group church doesn’t have a strong leader? And probably the most important question of all, what is the leader anyhow? Leave it to Jesus to turn the whole question upside down.

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Fresh Expressions


Edible Theology

Kendall Vanderslice Talks About Dinner Churches, the Gospel and Feasting

Kendall is a baker and writer, who says her best thinking occurs when she has a lump of dough in her hands. After embarking on a career as a pastry chef, she found that her love of bread transformed the ways she read scripture. Fascinated by God’s use of food throughout the arc of the Gospel, she merged her work in the kitchen with an academic study of food and theology.

Kendall is a graduate of Wheaton College in Illinois (BA Anthropology 2013), where she began engaging questions of food and faith. Interested in commensality (the social dynamics of eating together) she studied food at Boston University (MLA Gastronomy 2016). She is now a student at Duke University, studying the theology of bread (MTS 2019).

Her first book, We Will Feast: Rethinking Dinner, Worship, and the Community of God (Eerdmans) releases May 2019.

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