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House Church in Germany: An Interview with Bob Lidfors

Dan interviews Bob Lidfors who is part of a home church in Fürth, Germany. The discussion touches on the condition of the church in Germany and the future of the house church movement there. Bob and his wife, Barbara, have been missionaries in Germany for 36 years. Home in the states, is Minneapolis.

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The Joy and Sorrow of Being Church

An interview with Michael Munk, one of the pastors at the Church of the Servant King, Portland, OR.  COSK  is a co-housing congregation — a church village, so to speak. You will be challenged and inspired by the commitment and shared experience of this community of believers. The brethren of The Church of the Servant King have been long-time friends of The Summit Fellowships.

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Interview with Toni Daniels

An interview with Toni Daniels of the Luke 10 Community, a networking and training community for developing “vibrant families of Jesus” located within walking distance of everyone on the planet. A lofty goal, but a worthy one! Toni shares her journey that has led she and her family to Uruguay and back home to Nashville.  Her emphasis on making church an identity rather than a location is inspiring.

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