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Podcast 4: Why Be Small?

Dan discusses three things that make it important to learn how to do church smaller and disbursed. Should we have a church of 150 or should we have 10 churches of 15?

Podcast 3: Fond Memories. Good Friends.

When reading your Bible, have you ever been tempted to skip over Romans 16. After all, it’s just a list of names, most of which you can’t pronounce and people you’ve never heard of. But, wait. There’s more there than it might appear. Could it be that the Holy Spirit preserved this part so we could catch a glimpse of the tender affection that characterizes what we’re calling a “church of the heart”? Dan makes some observations about the nature of the community of the church.

Church of the Heart: Episode 2 ~ What is a Church of the Heart?

OK, what is a church of the heart? What does it look like? What are the qualities of a church that is relational? Dan outlines some of the qualities of a fellowship that makes room for Jesus’ command to love one another.