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Episode 11: Interdependence

Episode three in a discussion of the body life acronym, TIP. The first two programs talked about PATIENCE and TRUST. This episode talks about the third letter which stands for INTERDEPENDENCE, the key to demonstrating love in our fellowship.

Episode 10: Trust

Further discussion of the relationship acronym “TIP.” Last time Dan talked about ‘patience’ ¬†as an essential if we’re going to be a part of the close-knit community of a church of the heart. This episode explores ‘Trust.’ Much of the content of this episode is found in the book, Marriage Rx – Prescription for a Radical Marriage (linked below).

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Episode 9: Patience

In a church of the heart three qualities are necessary. They comprise the letters of the acronym, TIP. That is, Trust (with the companion virtues of transparency and integrity), Interdependence, and Patience. This episode is about that last one, patience.