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Why Do We Do Church This Way?

The beginning of a new year is a great time for reflection and looking forward. In this episode Dan considers the all important question, “Why?” Why do we do house churches? Why did we leave behind the way we grew up doing church? Is it money? Persecution? Maybe we’re just mad. Let’s talk about it.

Spiritual Identity in the House Church

An interview with Larry Silver

Larry Silver is a speaker, author,  and filmmaker. In the re-release of his book Spiritual Identity – Believe God’s Revolutionary Truth, Larry invites his readers to step into a new identity. In this interview, Larry and Dan talk about the importance of spiritual identity in a simple church community. 

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A Church for Black Men

An interview with Jomo Johnson of Washington, DC. Dan discusses with Jomo the vision and challenges of beginning a network of house churches in the African American community with a special focus on the needs of black men. 

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