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Let the Gifts Emerge!

Each Member’s Unique Gifts are Discovered in a Church of the Heart

As members of a Church of the Heart grow together it is an adventure to watch as the Holy Spirit draws spiritual gifts from out of the group. Dan and Jody talk about this journey of discovery.

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The Open Church by Jim Rutz

Rule Book or Playbook?

A Look at Ephesians 4
The New Testament isn’t to be seen as a set of rules to obey, but as an instruction manual or a “playbook” for the church to use as she grows and matures as the Body of Christ. Today’s discussion draws from Ephesians 4 where the Apostle Paul describes the work of what are called the “the equipping gifts.”

You are a Treasure

Discovering the Jewels in a Church of the Heart

At the table is where everyone in a church, adults and children, discover they belong and deserve to be heard. In the midst of it all is the person and presence of Jesus.