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[25] Checking in at Luke 10: An Interview with John White

An interview with John White, director of the Luke 10 community. In this discussion John talks about prayer strategies for church communities, “rhythms of attention” for church families and catalysts to help simple churches grow in transparency and depth. Also, in this episode are suggestions for getting prepared to live in simple church communities.

Mentioned in this episode:

Group Study Resource

bible-projectI have just added a new resource for group study to the resource links at right.

A friend from the house church network on the West Side recommended it so I wanted to share it with y’all. I added a link to this community of simple churches, called Emmaus Road, at the “Portland Metro Communities” tab at left.

It is called The Bible Project. It is being developed by Door of Hope, a local congregation here in Portland, Oregon. Check it out. I think you’ll find it helpful for your personal study or for something you can use in your Summit Fellowship. Here’s the link.

House Churches Worldwide

House Churches - All NationsOur friends over at Luke 10 sent a link to another friend, All Nations and I wanted to share it with y’all. It describes simple churches (house churches) pretty well.

A few of the Summiteers got a chance to meet Floyd McClung (formerly of YWAM) a few years back when we hosted he and a group of folks over at the Mayhew’s.

Incidentally, All Nations is the ministry through which one of our other partners, Father Heart Japan, is working in Okinawa.

There will be a link to All Nations at the “Opportunities” tab on the toolbar because if anyone is interested in church planting overseas, All Nations will be an ideal partner since their primary methodology for sharing the gospel is small-group (house church) discipleship.

Here is the clip: Continue reading House Churches Worldwide