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Liquid Church?

The Roseway Summit Fellowship is planning on taking the month of October to discuss a book called An Army of Ordinary People by Felicity Dale. Felicity and her husband, Tony, were part of the house church movement in the UK decades ago. Eventually, they migrated to the US and started a network of house fellowships similar to Summit. I have several copies of the book in paperback in case anyone from the network would like to read it. It is also available as an eBook at Amazon. Here is a quote from that book. 

An attractional model of church is like ice—not in the sense of God’s “frozen chosen,” but because it exists at a certain time in a certain place. However, if you encourage people to get out of the building (whether it is a building with a steeple or a building with a chimney) and reach out to those around them, you are melting the ice. The resulting water—the Good News of the Kingdom—will seep into every crack and crevice of society. This is liquid church.