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Wagons, Ho!

Taking a trip across the wide prairie in this episode. Dan reads a summary of the book, Western Theology, written and illustrated by Wes Seeliger, an Episcopal priest who passed away a number of years ago. The book is actually a satirical look at the church as seen in the context of the Old West. The author compares two kinds of Christians, the Pioneers and the Settlers. Dan, adopting the persona of an old cowboy reads a summary of Seeliger’s book from yet another book, Lion and Lamb, the Relentless Tenderness of Jesus, by Brennan Manning.

Mentioned in this episode:

[18 ] Interview: Travis Kolder, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

An interview with Travis Kolder of the Cedar Rapids House Church Network. Travis tells the story of making the transition from a traditional church to house churches. He talks about the challenges of making room for ministering gifts in this new paradigm.  In this episode: 


[15] Locally Established Gathered Saints (LEGS)

A discussion of the first of three “body acronyms.” LEGS stands for “locally established gathered saints,” that is groups of Jesus followers gathering together to demonstrate the love of Jesus. In the future: ARMS and HANDS.