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Time for a Prayer Walk?

A quote from An Army of Ordinary People by Felicity Dale. The book will be the discussion topic at Roseway Summit Fellowship in the month of August. I have heard of this kind of thing happening when churches here in the states tried dividing up the neighborhood for evangelistic outreach. 

A young couple in India tried an experiment. They picked two villages, and prayer-walked in only one of them. In the village where they prayer-walked, forty-five families became believers. They were thrown out of the other village.

LDS Young Ladies Visit

LDS SistersJust had a delightful conversation with two young ladies from the LDS church (the Mormons). They stopped by to chat about faith and church. I wish we’d had more time to talk.

One of the things I like to explore with LDS folks is why they feel there is a need for a “new revelation,” i.e., The Book of Mormon and others. Such discussions usually reveal some remarkable differences in understanding about the nature of God, the Savior (Jesus) and salvation.

They said they might stop by again. If not, maybe they’ll email me. I gave them my card.

Hope to hear from them again.