Church 101 – The Ongoing Experiment

Church 101: Foundational Rhythms of Attention for Walking With Jesus

Over the past several months, we’ve been trying out a training course that is continuously being developed by our friends at the Luke 10 Communities. It’s called Church 101. It is a five-week course, in which the participants learn three “rhythms of attention” that are the very foundation for organic church life.  This course is done either with one other person or a group and in a face-to-face context or online via video conference. We’ve done it both ways, within a Summit Fellowship and online.

Presently, we’re ready to launch the second round of these courses. Are you curious? If so, we’ll set up an “intro call” where you can learn more and decide if you want to dive into a a five-week experiment. Let us know! You can use the contact form below or talk to me personally via email, Facebook or personally when we run into each other.

Interested in Church 101?

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