December 7, 2013

Once again we gathered around the table to share communion, a meal and our stories of seeing God’s presence in our lives. We began with the question” what is one Christmas tradition that is unique/or different for your family.,”. As we all began to share it became clear the role traditions play in our lives to link us to family and remind us we belong. What fun hearing about all the different traditions we each recalled. For some it will be a new beginning establishing positive traditions where there are none.

Our evening continued with worship in song and prayer. We spent most of the evening sharing from Luke 3. We were challenged with a new understanding of prayer and fasting as we studied Jesus’ response. What if Jesus continued praying and fasting until he heard a response from the Father? We often put time boundaries on God and set a specific amount of time to pray and fast and we move forward. What if Jesus stayed in the wilderness forty days and forty nights because that was the amount of time Jesus needed to learn all that the Father wanted to teach him? How does that apply to me as I pray and fast? What if I continue to pray and fast until I know what the Father wants me to say/do? Is this the way we recover ground the enemy has taken and reclaim it for the Kingdom? We ended the night with lots to ponder and pray about, and will revisit this subject when we gather together again! Thank you Father for Your Truth. Let us see as You do!

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