Welcome to the Summit Fellowships donations page. We are providing this space mostly for the convenience of the Summits (churches among the Summit Fellowships) however you are most welcome to contribute to the work of this ministry as you feel led. The network of the The Summit Fellowships is a 501(c)3 organization.* Since we represent several churches we invite you to use the “Special Instructions” space at the PayPal checkout location to help us credit your donation to the right Summit Fellowship or ministry budget.



 * We carefully considered whether to incorporate and to apply for tax exempt status as a church. Honestly, it was not an easy decision. We don’t wish to be bound by standards that do not honor the values of the kingdom. Nevertheless, we determined that to make use of the privilege offered to churches was good stewardship, releasing funds to the work of the kingdom rather than allowing them to be arbitrarily applied to the tax system. We intend to use these provisions as long as they do not require us to compromise the gospel. Should that become an issue, we are determined to dissolve the legal entity and distribute what assets remain — not much since the network does not own property or maintain employees. We understand that opinions differ on this matter, but we trust you will respect our decision. 

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