Dramatic Church Planting

theater photoThere has been an idea churning about in my head for awhile. It has to do with planting new fellowships (congregations) around a common interest or enthusiasm. Let me explore a possibility with you.

In my past life, I was a drama teacher at a local high school (Sam Barlow H.S. in the Gresham district). One of the things I noted was the closeness  the students developed while working together to put on plays and various productions. Life-long friendships, even marriages, came from those experiences.

3822715634_7cd1c3e319_m_theaterHere’s the question: why not plant a church with and among people who share an interest in communicating through the dramatic arts? Would such a fellowship develop the same camaraderie as I observed in among teens, or do we grow out of that as we get older?  I picture a congregation who gathers for worship, fellowship, prayer and meals, just like a typical “house church.” But there would be something else: the group would work together periodically to communicate significant ideas through dramatic presentations.

Could that work? What do you think? I look forward to your thoughts.

One thought on “Dramatic Church Planting”

  1. I think that’s an excellent idea. I have been praying about how to incorporate music and threatre more into pretty much evry church I’ve been a part of. Usually the struggle is you have to meet outside of church and then you know how hard it is to get people together durning the week. To have a fellowship that was built around that could open up ways of teaching and worshiping different as well. People could act out bible stories for each other. It would certainly be different and maybe a challenge but good I think. I also think it would open doors in creating theatre and taking it out into the community.

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