Finding Church

Looking for a church of the heart

At its core, a church is people. The most important question to ask relative to a community of faith is, “with whom has God called you to be the church?”

You may be surprised to discover that your circle of friends is your church. You may not need to go looking for that elusive “where” but simply engage the relationships that your Father has already brought into your life. Simple church is often just that simple.

On the other hand there may be friends you haven’t met yet. God may want help you discover them. If that’s the case, where might you find them? Where might you discover a nascent “church of the heart?”

In this section, we suggest some places to look. There may be groups already gathering that have a hole in them that’s just your size. On the other hand, you may have a yearning to start something that the Spirit has placed in you.

We invite you to consider some ideas.

Building community in Jesus