From Gathering 242

TableGood morning Family! Here are the memoirs of our time together last Saturday (September 27th)!

Including our two babies, we had twenty of us present. (We missed Stephen and Kelly, Gary & Sheri)

Time around the table with our family is such a fun, sweet time!

Good News:

Dave C. and Sarah are now engaged! Yay!!! How fun hearing all about their hike at Mt. Rainier and how Dave proposed. We rejoice with them!

Jody’s dear friend called and shared a dream she had and asked if it was happening now. Jody could answer with a resounding YES! The Father encouraged Jody’s heart.

Time around the table ended by blessing Andrew (happy birthday!) and celebrating his 27 years with a yummy chocolate peanut butter cake (thank you Abby).

We continued our worship in the living room by reflecting on Matthew 6 ” Our Father … Give us this day our daily bread.” God wants to be known in our midst as our provider.

We brought various needs before our  Provider:

  • Dental work that needs to done ($600).
  • Knee pain.
  • Feelings of neediness real needy right now.
  • Giving notice to an employer and needing wisdom and courage to trust the Father for His provision.
  • Roof replacement. Provision for the rest of the cost (will give a report about how much is lacking).
  • Seeking God’s wisdom & direction about buying a house, and if so where? Want to be open to the Spirit’s leading.
  • Ben S: wants to walk in the reality of being a Son. It is sometimes easy to slip into walking as an orphan.
  • Wisdom; waiting for an open door to use gifts and talents in writing, both in music and script (God has given her great gift in these two areas!)
  • Courage to walk in the strength of the Father. Covering from the attacks of the enemy. Asking to hear  Father’s voice of joy!
  • Block party for the neighborhood where we meet.

Each shared scripture that God impressed on them:

  • David H: Matthew 6:3: (The Message).
  • Dave W: Psalm 41:1-13. (The Message).
  • Ben S: Psalm 37:1-10.
  • Jody: Acts 26:14-18. (Saul’s message from Jesus).
  • Andrew: Matthew 4:23-25; 10:5.
  • Teri C: Luke 15: 29-31 The Prodigal; the older son.
  • Heidi S: Jeremiah 1:11-19; 2:12,13.
  • Ben: Galatians 2:17-21.

We discussed further the Galatians 2:17-21 passage. We sometimes fall into a cycle of shame. “Here I am…..AGAIN!” We tend to put God’s grace in a box, acting like we are given just an allowance of God’s grace. We sometimes conclude if God is in us we wouldn’t sin any more And therefore we nullify His grace. For example, Jody shared she loves to give gifts and her grandchildren love to receive them. Sometimes the children as “is there any more?” We tend to correct them because it appears they are displaying greediness. But they know they can expect good gifts from Nana & PaPa. In that same way, we need to realize there IS more grace to cover us each time. Thank you Jesus!!

Announcements: the next Vine will be Sunday, November 2nd  at Worldview Center.

We returned home refreshed, encouraged & loved!! Thank you Father for your presence among us and for family!

~Tarrie Hofman

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