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Two weeks ago we began a conversation around the table that began with a question:  Who influenced you the most to fall in love with God’s word?  It became a sweet time of remembering those who came along side of us or that modeled before us a picture of a relationship that made the Word a lamp that ordered our feet and a light that gave us direction.  Truly the Word is sweeter than honey and satisfies the soul for they are words sent from the heart of the Father to His children.

Our worship continued as we gathered around the living room.  Both in song and in word we discussed the importance of being in community.  It is the source of accountability and often becomes the spark that keeps the ember from dying or from getting confused.  It can be the source that keeps us from straying from the truth, when the enemy has distorted it.  We feel a strong sense of gratitude for those here that God put us together and we are truly Family!

Gathering 242

Gathering 242 is named for the verse in Acts 2:42 where it is said of the recently empowered church, "they devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching and fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers." Posts like this one are from members of the G242 Summit Fellowship.
Gathering 242

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