Getting Hacked

Just a brief notice to our readers:  Last week got hacked. Yup, we got exploited by somebody who used our servers for some kind of black market selling scheme. Trust me, our hosting company was not pleased, and we weren’t either. Do you have any idea what an enormous job it is to clean up after these slime-bucket hackers? Sheesh! We had to shovel out all the extra files we found and then trace down how many email blacklists we were on so emails we sent wouldn’t bounce back like they were radioactive.  What a headache! 

Anyway, that explains why we were down for a day or so earlier in the week. I think we’re back to normal now, but a couple of recent posts had to be resubmitted.


One thought on “Getting Hacked”

  1. What a pain. That happened to me a while back also. It took several months to finally track down all the files they had secretly installed at various hidden places on my server.

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