“Listen to My Life” Seminar Feb. and March- timely information

listen1_002This is something I mentioned at our last gathering of the Vine. Anastasia Hansel, whom I went to Africa with last August, will be in Portland in February and again at the end of  March. She will be available to facilitate a Listen To My Life workshop.  Anastasia describes herself as an adventure coach. For decades she has pursued her life-long passion to connect women in the Western world who are immersed in “the poverty of affluence” with Poverty’s Woman in Third World Countries.  As a result of God’s work through her, she has seen lives changed, hope restored and destinies altered. For those who do not know, I traveled to Rwanda and DRC Congo with Anastasia  to help  and encourage rape warfare survivors.  We also pioneered a woman’s bike event in Rwanda. The experience is vivid for me and I continue to dwell on the people and work I had the privilege to see and be a part of .  If you would like to know more about this, contact me and we can talk.

Go to www.gwlnetwork.com to learn more about Anastasia, part of her ministry and the Listen To My Life- Maps for Recognizing and Responding To God In My Story workshop.  During the workshop, people are invited to review their past, access their present and continue to walk with God into their future using tools called “visual maps” and a powerful process of gentle listening.  No artistic skills are needed- folks just need an open heart and the willingness to listen to their life experiences in new ways.

 In order to know which days are best, I need to hear from more people as to which days/times work for them. As of now, it will be on either this coming Friday night or Saturday or Sunday morning.  The dates are the weekend of February 7-9 and March 28- 30.  These gatherings are flexible because Anastasia is flexible.  The materials for the workshop include 8 maps.  We will not be able to get through all of these maps but can shift throughout them as the group needs.  Finishing the maps in an exact sequence is not absolutely necessary in order to receive benefit from them.

Can you let me know as soon as possible if you are interested and when would work best for you?  Oh yes,  there is a $10 charge, scholarships available upon request.  Please do not let the low price fool you. . . . . this workshop is worth much more.

 You can email me at jseab4@gmail.com or call me at 971-506-2267.  I look forward to hearing from you.  Thank you for considering,

Suzanne Barnhill

2 thoughts on ““Listen to My Life” Seminar Feb. and March- timely information”

  1. Has this already happened? And is it in portland? I’m sorta just browsing the site…

  2. Hannah,
    It has not already happened. The Listen To My Life workshop is planned for March 28-29, 2014. That is Friday night (7-9) and Saturday (9-4). The location is in the works. I will post more in the coming weeks.

    Suzanne B.

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