More on the “Jesus Circle”

A Jesus Circle: Telling the Greatest Stories Ever Told. 

Don’t forget to come to The Vine prepared to tell a story!
  • A Story about Jesus. Review a few of your favorite stories about Jesus from the Bible and then come prepared to share them with the rest of us in your own words. Don’t plan on reading a story from your Bible; just tell them as you remember and imagine them.
  • A story that Jesus told. Think about some of the stories that Jesus told. You can retell them for us. Why is it one of your favorites?
  • A story of Jesus from your own life. What did Jesus say or do in your life? Do you remember when you met Him? Was there a time He comforted you, taught you, or rescued you?
  • Do you want to get us all started singinga song about Jesus? Come ready!


Help us plan. Please RSVP.

If you are planning on joining us for the Summit Resurrection celebration on Saturday, please let us know. There is an RSVP form at or you can use the FaceBook event page.

More about Jesus Circle from the resource links on the right.

Here’s a link to the latest “Summiteer,” the periodic mailer that goes out to the Summit Fellowships.

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