Now, What Do We Do?

Now WhatGathering simply is nice, but what happens when we do? After all,  a home fellowship ought to be more than “honey, I shrunk the church,”  a traditional Sunday church, only smaller.

A Summit Fellowship (think house, simple, organic, cell, etc.) doesn’t need to be characterized by a script or order of service. In fact, it rarely is. A “summit” is usually much more spontaneous and participatory than that. Here are some suggestions of things you might do in that kind church.


Yup, eat together. A fellow once called and asked, “when does your service start?” The answer: “We sit down to eat at around 5:30.”

A pause …

“Uh, yeah, but when does the service start?”

Answer: “We sit down to eat at about 5:30.”

Sharing a meal is quite nearly mandatory. It’s as much a part of the “service” as anything else. Doesn’t have to be fancy, but it is vitally important if a fellowship is to grow together.


Another essential. Don’t worry about anything. Pray about everything. Pray for one another. Pray for government leaders. Give thanks. Lift up holy hands and pray. (If any of that sounds familiar, it’s in the Bible.)


Not as important as praying and eating, but still a great part of a gathering. The great thing about singing about Jesus together is that it gives the fellowship a chance to tell the truth about Him together — the same truth at the same time.  You may not always sing (think worship, praise, encourage) but it’s still a good thing to do. There are some songs unique to the Summit Fellowships in the sidebar under “Songs of the Summit.” Others, unique and otherwise will be added.

Include the Kids

Find some activities that the whole fellowship can do together that includes the kids. Skits, games, special songs—the sky’s the limit!

Plan Projects or Activities

One of the best ways to deepen relationships in a home church is to meet up in the “between times” for fun and service. The healthiest summits plan picnics, help each other move, adopt service projects, go the kids’ athletic or school events, or just hang out. Relationships cannot grow with a once a week meeting.

Learn & Grow

Click on the Learning as a Group tab for a list of helpful ideas for group study and exploration.

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