opportunityOne of the benefits of being the church more simply is that our resources aren’t spread as thin as they might be in more traditional structures. Multiple programs, property and salaries may all be good, but they can require an enormous investment of time and money. Simple Christ-following communities typically operate without much “overhead” so what resources we do have can be invested beyond maintenance obligations.

But where do we devote our freedom to serve? And where can we become familiar with the foundational truths of this walk of faith? These pages are designed to help you discover opportunities for these things. Check back often. We’ll try to make you aware of more and more opportunities as they become available. They will fall into three categories:

  • Opportunities to learn.
  • Opportunities to serve, locally and globally.
  • Opportunities for expansion of the Kingdom. Where are new Jesus communities being formed?

Point to the “Opportunities” link above and visit the pages that are listed for learning, serving and growing.




Building community in Jesus