Spontaneous Response to the Spirit

Episode 3 in a series about how to meet as a Church of the Heart

What does it mean to be lead by the Holy Spirit? In Acts 2 we see the church meeting and responding to the Spirit. Can we expect Him to lead in the church today?

How to Meet

The first in an ongoing discussion about meeting together as a simple church.

Below is a video clip that appears elsewhere on the Summit Fellowships site. It makes a fitting beginning to a series of discussions about meeting together in a church of the heart. Hope you enjoy the clip!

In this episode, Dan and Jody begin a discussion of what a church of the heart may look like in real time, beginning with Acts 2:42.

Habitation of God

Part 3 of 3
Artwork by Alex Levin.

Dan and Jody talk about the difference between structure and presence illustrated in the Old Testament accounts of David’s priestly kingship. How can we apply what we learn in the Old Testament about the habitation of God to our church experience?

Building community in Jesus

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