Called out…the ecclesia

Thoughts on new community

The following are excerpts from a longer piece posted on my personal web portal.

As followers of Jesus we are now being called to a separate peace and a new community. No more business as usual…

As reactionary as it may sound, I believe we have come to the time of ecclesia, that is the calling out of an assembly. The old American church has been too dependent on the culture in which it was formed. That culture, in ways both subtle and obvious, is turning against it.

To read the piece in its entirety click to Dan's personal site. The essay is called A New Community. 

Tiny Church Life

Describe being a part of a small, vibrant family of Jesus...

Occasionally, I’ll ask folks who are a part of a simple church why they have chosen this kind of church life. Here is one of those responses.

Jim says: It’s knowing that you’re valued by others simply because you’re valuable to The King, not due to what you did, do, have, or say.

Building community in Jesus

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