[ 23 ] Unchurching with Richard Jacobson

An interview with Richard Jacobson, who is part of an “unchurched” community in Nashville, TN –no pastor, no building, no programs. So, how did our guest wind up outside of the traditional church and become the author of a book about it —Unchurching: Christianity without Churchianity. That’s what this podcast is about.

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[22] Master’s Mind Ministry – Interview with Calvin Tadema

Dan does an interview with Calvin Tadema of one of Church of the Heart’s sponsoring ministries. Master’s Mind Ministry specializes in healing prayer and what Calvin calls, “mind renewal.” Prepare to hear about a dynamic prayer ministry that partners with the the Lord to bring about restoration to hurting and
confused people.

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Visiting Emmaus Fellowship

Recently, I’ve gotten to know another simple church in the Portland area. Formerly a more traditional fellowship, Emmaus has decided to downsize to a house church in a local apartment complex with plans to multiply into a network similar to The Summit Fellowships.

The day I visited, there were a number of the regulars who were either called into work or were sick. 20+ people would have been there if all had been able to show up at the same time, including as many as 17 kids! Not surprisingly, Emmaus has become skilled in involving the young ones. Below are some pictures of the activities the fellowship had prepared for the children, including a short video from the Bible Project (see the “Learning as a Group” link at right. Also, there was a demonstration worthy of a science class, working together on an ongoing prayer journal, and finally a celebration with bubbles.

Michelle, Bethany and Faith offered to make their projects and lesson plans available to other simple churches that are looking for some creative things to do with the kids.



Building community in Jesus

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