Furnishing a Church of the Heart

Part 2 of 2 episodes about home as ministry outpost
neon hear sign on shop entrance

When the church meets in a home, it isn’t about decor and “feng shui.” it’s about the touching of hearts and the presence of the Spirit. Dan and Jody talk about the special “furnishings” of a church of the heart.

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Bringing the Church Home

Part 1 of 2 episodes about home as ministry outpost.

Is your home your castle? Refuge? Hiding place? Or can your home be a ministry outpost and a place for a church of the heart? Dan and Jody talk about the implications of bringing the church home.

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Sword of Submission

Part 2 of the discussion of authority and submission.

The second episode of a discussion of submission and authority based on Dan & Jody’s book, Sword of Submission. This interview/discussion was originally posted at the Two Worlds Media website in February of 2017 as an episode f the Read Between the Worlds Podcast.

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