Tony Tuck. Home with Jesus.

The community of the Summit Fellowships has benefited from the love and encouragement of Tony and Jane Tuck. I remember picnics for the community, many years ago, at their property in Salmon Creek. Our hearts ache for Jane as we report Tony’s homecoming in glory. We hold this confidence: to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. Someday we will meet again. 

Reflections on a Meeting

I was browsing through my journal this morning and came upon this entry from a visit with one of the Summit Fellowships a couple of years ago. It reflects something of what happens when a group sustains its life together.


I was overwhelmed with tenderness toward the children. As the adults sang a song, the kids quietly interacted. Naomi admiring Selah’s ear rings; Graelon and Justice talking; Asa and another looking at a book. The scene was one of quiet and contentment. Safety. The children, in their innocence are surrounded by music and their parents — and me watching. Looking from face to face, capturing for an instant in each face the warmth and sweetness of childhood. 

100 places among 10

If you’ve known me for very long, you’ve probably heard me say something like, “If Jesus has promised to be in the midst of as few as two or three, then I believe it’s better for Jesus to be in a 100 places among 10 than only one place among a 1000.” My point is this: if we are serious about introducing the world to our Lord, we have to take His incarnational message to it. We need to plant communities of disciples; people among whom Jesus has come to dwell — a church planting movement that leaves behind it disciple-making communities. To do that, we have to be mobile, lithe and limber. We can’t be burdened by property and payrolls. Shane Claiborne speaks to that idea in an interview:

Small Seeds, Real Places, and the Gospel from Parish Collective on Vimeo.

Building community in Jesus

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