Pigs, Hollywood, Suffering, Etc.

pigs photo
Tonight over potluck supper in the living room I heard conversations about our pigs (one family is raising them, we’re all bringing buckets of food scraps to help feed them, and we’re going to work together to slaughter and butcher them and share the meat in another couple of months); who was the better actor, James Stewart or Humphrey Bogart; Bonhoeffer’s The Cost of Discipleship; why parenting is so hard; and how various people in our fellowship first met each other.

Once we got warmed up, we tackled Ecclesiastes and the Incarnation, Hebrews 11 (what’s faith: intellectual assent? trust? hearing God speak and responding to him? all of the above?), Job 39-42 (after all the clutter had been cleared away and all the arguments argued to impasse, God shows up and reveals himself–but still no answers!–to Job . . . what’s up with that?), Mark 3 (what should the relationship of the supernatural to our lives look like? what has it looked like in the past? what *is* the supernatural, anyway?), the relationship of the spiritual and material (is the body bad? neutral? good? how is it supposed to be connected to the spiritual world?), and suffering (one of our number shared how suffering–speaking of Job!–is allowing him to connect with God in ways he’s never been able to before).

We closed out the evening by praying for and blessing one family’s new baby, born last month, and washing our dishes.

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