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House Churches - All NationsOur friends over at Luke 10 sent a link to another friend, All Nations and I wanted to share it with y’all. It describes simple churches (house churches) pretty well.

A few of the Summiteers got a chance to meet Floyd McClung (formerly of YWAM) a few years back when we hosted he and a group of folks over at the Mayhew’s.

Incidentally, All Nations is the ministry through which one of our other partners, Father Heart Japan, is working in Okinawa.

There will be a link to All Nations at the “Opportunities” tab on the toolbar because if anyone is interested in church planting overseas, All Nations will be an ideal partner since their primary methodology for sharing the gospel is small-group (house church) discipleship.

Here is the clip:

House Churches and  All Nations.

From All Nations website: 

We are an adventurous, multi-national band of followers of Jesus. Our passion is to see Him worshipped among all nations of the earth. We have given our lives to see that happen. We have moved cities, exchanged careers and left loved ones to obey the call of God on our lives. None of which comes close to what He has done for us!

We are a movement of local churches partnering with other churches with a similar heart. We share and study the Word, worship with abandon, dream of the places God would send us to and  love to see the gospel’s amazing transformative work happen in communities.

We share our lives, living together in community and sending and supporting our brothers and sisters who go to the neglected people of the earth. We serve Jesus in 35 nations. The lost and neglected of this world consume our attention. We long for them to find hope in our incredible Saviour.

We equip others to go. We run discipleship and church planting schools, Jesus Retreats and Gap years. Cape Town is our beautiful Hub and from here we long to see church planting movements happen in places that Jesus is not yet worshiped.

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