Raison D’être?

raison d'être iRaison d’être  means “a reason to exist,” what “you live for” or, if you will, “what  floats your boat.” Let’s face it, we all like a goal. Aimlessness leads to depression and leth- argy. If we have a reason to get out of the bed, we keep trying.

It think a reason for being is also important for churches, both big and small — even more important for us little churches. Getting together to celebrate Jesus and enjoy one another’s company is wonderful, but things can get stale if we neglect the Lord’s assignment to be like Him as we reach into the world.

So, what is your house church’s raison d’être right now? Have you thought about it? Is there something you’re doing together that serves, builds, restores or encourages? It doesn’t have to be a forever thing, that is, not  the same thing for the next bazillion years (even that would get boring) but do something. And when you’re done with that, pray and look for the next thing. Here are some examples from the Summit network of fellowships:

Discovering our raison d’être  is one  way we create an environment where we can fulfill Jesus’ command to love one another, intentionally, practically and visibly (John 13:34-35). Working together gives us a reason for living together.

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