Church Done Simple

Here are some basic things to help you along the way. Doing church isn’t rocket science. Imagine planning a picnic with some friends. Doing church together doesn’t need to be more complicated than that. Brethren, hang loose! Love Jesus; love one another; and seek to journey together. These pages are some thoughts about doing church. Jim Wallis puts a pretty fine point on why that’s important:

 “The greatest influence on a person’s life will be that institution or set of institutions on on which the person feels most dependent for survival and support. As long as most Christians are more dependent upon the powers and principalities of the world for their survival and security than they are upon the Christian community, the church cannot do anything other than conform to the world. We must see through biblical eyes that our lives and our very spiritual survival, personally, economically, and politically, must be centered in the Christian community. The community of the local church must become the most important and central corporate reality of our lives, the daily environment out of which our lives are lived, the fellowship of people that sustains and supports us. The church must represent a body of people who have committed their lives to one another in Christ, a communion of faith and trust in which everything is shared, a place where our lives and society are seen through the eyes of biblical faith, a corporate sign of the transforming power of the gospel kingdom in the world.”


Building community in Jesus