What About Kids?

There is no “one size fits all” answer. It depends on their age, personality, the parenting style of Mom or Dad, and whether they’ve had a nap. The important thing to remember is that they are part of the community. They should be involved as much as possible. Some thoughts:

  1. The older can teach the younger.
  2. The kids should help with setting up and cleaning up. An adult mentor other than mom or dad can help each child be part of that process.
  3. Have things the whole group can do with the kids.
  4. Let the kids have some time to be with other kids, so the adults can be with the adults. Some churches pay for child care. Others take turns taking the “kids time.”
  5. Use available resources. Check the article in Wilderness Voices December 2006.
  6. Having the kids be a part of the community, known by the adults and encouraged to be a part is as good as any children’s ministry.
  7. As the kids get older, consider what “rites of passage” you can offer them. Consider “Raising a Modern Day Knight” for ideas.

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