FAQ from Pastors

In various settings these are frequently asked questions (FAQ). 

  • How do you get paid? (Answer: Not regularly. Anyway, what does money have to do with a call of God?)
  • When do you preach? (Answer: Whenever I get a chance.)
  • How do you keep heresy out of the groups? (Answer: Don’t know. We’ve been doing church like this for 23 years and it hasn’t come up yet. Maybe that’s the answer.)
  • What do you do with the kids? (Answer: Great question!)
  • What is your evangelism program? (Answer: we are. John 13:34-35).
  • How do you control the groups? (Answer: Why would I want to?)

2 thoughts on “FAQ from Pastors”

  1. WHERE can I find a home church for my invalid wife and I . We live on 147th avenue. When I tried to find a place where there would be a ramp for me to wheel my wife in her wheelchair I got no help or response.

  2. Sorry for the delay in responding. Not many comments get left on this page. There are summit fellowships who have folks with mobility issues. The one with that has a member who uses a wheelchair is in Battle Ground/Hockinson, WA. There are other meeting locations with single story or ramp. The fellowship closest to your location isn’t one of them unfortunately, that group does, however, meet in some of the locations that do, namely Boring, Beaverton and Hockinson. I will send a copy of this response to you via email. Perhaps we can meet for coffee and talk about what you’re looking for. Blessings.

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