Psalm 68 (They Have Seen Thy Procession)

They Have Seen Thy Procession

(Psalm 68:24-29; Psalm 68:33-34) Written to a traditional Celtic Melody.

They have seen your procession O, God
The procession of my God and King
Into the sanctuary the singers went in
With the musicians following.

In the midst of the maidens beatin’ tambourines
May the name of our God be blessed
For the Lord our God is the fountainhead
Where Israel finds her rest
Where Israel finds her rest

In him Benjamin the youngest rules
And Judah with the throng shall be
The mighty of Zebulun will go forth
With the princes of Napthali.

Our God has given us our strength
So show yourself strong O Lord.
For you have acted on our behalf
By the promises of your word.

To Him who rides upon the highest heavens
Which are from the ancient times.
Behold He speaks with a mighty voice
And He acts with a mighty sign
He acts with a mighty sign.

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