Sonship Description

The main focus of the Sonship Study is  learning to be led of the Spirit and to abide in Christ as sons (daughters) — concepts that are all about relationship. For that reason, there really isn’t any other way to learn them except through relationship and by the Spirit’s deliberate engagement with us, which means we need to be in an environment that makes room for that. That is the goal of the Sonship Study.

The Sonship studies are relationally driven gatherings that are guided but not directed. They have a general topic, like “The Economy of the Kingdom” or “Hearing the Voice of God” but those topics aren’t examined by a curriculum or syllabus but are explored in a Spirit-led discussion. There are notes given, but their purpose is to give direction for personal meditation and prayer.

When the group gathers the discussion usually begins with something like, “So where did the Lord stop you this week?” The study begins there with the assumption that the Spirit is stopping and leading people both personally and corporately. This approach makes any kind of timeline impractical. In fact, it’s not unheard of to have a topic go on for over a year. That’s what we mean when we say Sonship Studies are not curriculum driven.

That being the case, it’s been our practice to pass on the DNA of the studies relationally, meaning that there is no curriculum, per se — no manuals or DVDs. The Sonship Studies multiply generation by generation through people who have participated in them or, at least, who have done a group training together with others. We’ve found it to be vital that people approach the study corporately. There are studies that have “gone viral” from people who have participated in one and then started another among their own community. They have also begun after a training in a particular geographic area (for example, Wisconsin in the US and Colombia internationally) and then been planted from there.

If you would like to explore this further, we’d be happy to answer questions, direct you to a Sonship Study, or arrange a training in your area.

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