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[ 23 ] Unchurching with Richard Jacobson

An interview with Richard Jacobson, who is part of an “unchurched” community in Nashville, TN –no pastor, no building, no programs. So, how did our guest wind up outside of the traditional church and become the author of a book about it —Unchurching: Christianity without Churchianity. That’s what this podcast is about.

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[19] Interview: Mark Hedinger on Intercultural Communication

An interview with Mark Hedinger, the director of the Institute for International Christian Communication (IICC-Worldview). Mark and Dan explore the idea that each person in a Church of the Heart carries their own personal culture into the mix. The first of two parts. Mentioned in this episode:

14] Interview: Jonny & Sarah Griffiths

An interview with Jonny and Sarah who envision living and working among a network of simple churches in the UK. They share some of the joys and challenges of moving a young family to a new country. Mentioned in this episode: