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Koinonia (a.k.a. The Church of the Angry Doubters) slaugh-tered our pigs last weekend. One family has been raising them; the rest of us have been providing food, buying feed and keeping buckets of table scraps which we hand off to the swineherds each week. Our goals are to become more self-sufficient, and to become more honest carnivores, taking responsibility for the hard parts of being meat-eaters as well as the fun parts.

We gathered bright and early Saturday, Continue reading MEANWHILE, DOWN ON THE FARM . . .

Koinonia Community: Roamin’ and Romans

Like 69th Street (see below), we’ve been a bit scattered and up in the air–well, this year, really–with several people away for temporary and not-so-temporary and maybe-this-will-turn-out-to-be-permanent-but-I’m-not-sure jobs and schooling. As a result, we’ve had an extended conversation (by email, finally, because we haven’t all been in the same place at the same time for months now) trying to figure out if the Lord has other places for us to be. But we came to the conclusion that He still has plans for us-as-a-group.

So-o-o-o . . . we’ve recently:

  • met the folks from 69th Street (we like them!),
  • welcomed Mike and Betty (neighbors of Randy and Carolyn) into our fellowship, and
  • started teaching (a little) and meditating (mainly) through Romans together.

And we’re continuing to pursue relationships with and look for ways to serve a small urban Anglican monastic community near us (we like them, too!).