Spiritual Gift Boogie

dance photoSome of the most uncomfortable conversations I’ve had with fellow believers are with people who have a different temperament than I. When I sit across from an on-fire evangelist I feel like a total blowout as a Christian because I don’t focus on soul-winning like he does.  Or have you noticed that folks with a prophetic tilt who haven’t matured in their gifting can be emotional, judgmental and impulsive — Ready! Fire! Aim!

I composed a poem many years ago that observes the heartbeat of each of what are called “the five-fold gifts” and their tendency to misunderstand one another.

The prophet declares what’s right. 

The evangelist says what’s first. 

The pastor knows what’s happening. 

The teacher tells what works. 

Put them all together, they sometimes don’t connect, 

Especially the apostle who just wants to do  what’s next!

~By Dan Mayhew

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