The Simple Rule

When we gather for relationship, worship and prayer, there is something called “The Simple Rule.” What is it? Well, it’s quite simple really.

It’s this:

Always speak in such a way that

others will want to continue listening.

Here are three ways to break the simple rule:

  1. Talk too long. If you are prone to ramble, people may not get the value of what you have to say. Keep your contributions short and sweet. Do a little experiment. Watch people’s faces during discussions and keep an eye on the clock. How long does it take for folks to begin to look restless and disinterested?
  2. Talk too often. If you are inclined to contribute more than others, people will tend to tune you out as soon as you open your mouth. That’s unfortunate, because you often have valuable things to say.
  3. Talk down to others. Useful conversation is based on mutual respect and patience. People will only want to listen if they feel valued.

Pretty simple, huh? Simple but so helpful when the people of God get together to build each other up.

Here are a few further thoughts on the simple rule. (From House Church 101).

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