“The Vine” Gathering in August

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Back in May, we had a great time at the The Vine, our network-wide worship, fellowship and interested-friends get-together.

We’re getting together again on August 10th. This time The Vine will be a picnic at a yet-to- be-determined location.

One thing that will help us choose a good location is to have a count of how many folks want to be baptized. Since we typically go for full immersion, we need to choose a place with some water (Got any ideas??) So, if you want to be baptized, let me know (dan@summithome.org). And, here are the details as we know them:

The Vine

Date: Saturday, August 10, 2013

Time: 2:00 to whenever we get tired. We likely won’t do anything official until 3.

Place: A park or outdoor venue. Stay Tuned.

What: Picnic, music, friendship, games for the kids, Talk about plans for the fall. Have your fellowship make a banner for your church (put the kids to work if ya got ’em).

2 thoughts on ““The Vine” Gathering in August”

  1. Hey Dan ~

    I met you at Jason & Danielle’s a few months back. A couple of weeks before I went to the Southside gathering, I visited Restoration. I LOVE what these groups are all about! Summit Fellowship (house church/organic christianity) has really stayed on my heart (even though we’ve been going to a small church plant). I decided to look you guys up again and I saw the post about The Vine gathering! This is super cool! I marked my calendar for the August event and can’t wait to join you guys. 🙂

    ~ Shari Jerpbak
    We moved here from MN a year ago when my husband got a job teaching at Warner Pacific. I was at the Maes w/my 3 girls.

    🙂 Look forward to seeing you again!

  2. Hi, Shari! Yes I remember you and the kids! I’ve wondered what you’ve been up to. I do hope you can make it to The Vine. It would be great to see you again and catch up on what’s been happening. Seems to me you had been thinking about planting a simple church in your neighborhood. I’d love to hear if that’s going to happen. Blessings!

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